How to Find Qualifications

There are a few different online services that you can use to search for qualifications, find out whether they are eligible for ESFA funding, and connect with awarding bodies.

One quick way to search for these from the front page of EducationFunding.UK is to type fqs - this is a shortcode for ‘find qualification services’.

Find a Learning Aim

This is a new government service which you can use to search for qualifications via their name or aim reference - in addition you can also filter results by level and awarding body.

The information provided for each learning aim is essential when determining whether funding is available.

Ofqual Register of Regulated Qualifications

This is an online service provided by Ofqual, which offers similar search functions to ‘Find a Learning Aim’ but gives you more information about the delivery of the qualification. You can filter your search results by a far wider range of options - including subject area, awarding body, level, and number of credits.

Each qualification listing will also provide details about the GLH and TQT, and usually includes a link to the specification on the awarding body’s website. It does not provide funding information.

ESFA List of Qualifications approved for funding

This is a more restricted list, which only contains qualifications currently approved for funding. It offers similar search and filtering options to both ‘Find a Learning Aim’ and Ofqual’s ‘Register of Regulated Qualifications’.

It does not provide the level of detail found in either of the other services, but can be helpful when searching for valid qualifications.

Awarding bodies

You can find a list of commonly used awarding bodies here.

Which service to use?

Depending on your goal, you could start with any of these services - but they will all offer useful information about a qualification, and should be used together where possible.