Hello, this is a quick post to say hello!

After working in the field of education funding for several years, I have amassed a prodigious list of bookmarks - and every year the list grows as more resources are published, new organisations emerge, and new web services are developed.

It was becoming tricky to keep track of all these links, and trickier still to make them available to colleagues in a simple and straightforward way.

This website is something I’ve put together in my own time as a way to help solve that problem.

I’ve also been working on a funding assessment tool, which will ask a series of questions in order to determine whether a learner is eligible for funding. At the moment I’m mapping out the various AEB funding options for ESFA, but the plan is to gradually expand to cover devolved regions, and possibly loans funding, 16-18, and 14-16 funding pathways too. We’ll see how it goes. You can view the version in development here: https://educationfunding.uk/funding-assessment/

All the best,